Swimming Pool Solar Blankets

Solar blankets can increase your swimming pool's average water temperature by 4-7 degrees, reduce evaporation by up to 98% and cut down on chemical and maintenance costs.

Solar blankets float freely on the water's surface and require no anchoring or fitting.
Maintenance is reduced by keeping the swimming pool free from leaves, dust and debris.

Our heavy duty 500 micron pool solar blankets are highly efficient in retaining the heat built up in your swimming pool.
Sunlight passes through the blanket and heats up the water in your pool, the bubbles trap the heat in the water and forms a layer of insulation and retaining the heat overnight.
A good quality solar blanket will extend the duration of your swimming season and will assist with some of the hassle of keeping your pool clean and clear.

The perfect companion  for your heat pump or solar panel heated pool.
Ensures optimal heat retention, maximising the effectiveness of your pool heating system.

Solar bubble blankets are particularly effective when used in combination with solar panels or heat pumps.
The solar panels and solar blanket compliment each other and ensures maximum efficiency out of your swimming pool heating system throughout the year.

Our services include on site measuring and cutting of solar blankets to any shape and size of pool or spa - for the pool that is shaped like a square, a pear or something in-between.
We supply and deliver swimming pool solar blankets country wide.

Roll up stations are available for solar blankets to help protect your blanket and prolong its lifespan.
Roll up stations also make it much easier to take a bubble blanket off the pool and to replace it when finished swimming and leaves your pool with a neat and tidy appearance.

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