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Exclusive Jacuzzi & Spa Covers

S.A's Best Quality Jacuzzi & Spa Covers

Welcome to the home of Exclusive Jacuzzi & Spa Covers,
Manufacturers of South Africa's finest quality Jacuzzi and Spa covers. 
Made from only the highest grade materials our Spa and Jacuzzi Covers are renowned for their beauty and durability.
Custom made to fit any shape or size Jacuzzi, we take great care to ensure top quality workmanship and outstanding customer service.
Our spa covers have many aspects that put us way ahead of our competitors including the use of Reinforced Steel Centre Support Inserts, High Quality Marine Grade Vinyl, 700gm PVC Materials, High Density A-Grade E.P.S Centre Cores and 250-MicronVapour Sheeting to mention but a few.
We manufacture Jacuzzi and Spa Covers suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and any kind of environment, whether shaded or exposed to direct sunlight and rain. We have a solution that will work for you.

A few good reasons why you should consider an Exclusive Jacuzzi or Spa Cover.
Please take some time to read what makes our covers your best option for quality and durability.

We only use 250micron SABS approved vapour guard plastic to wrap our polystyrene cores.
This sheeting is 5 times more durable than the normal 80-micron non SABS standard sheeting currently used by just about all other manufacturers.
Our vapour sheeting however is made to have a sustainably longer lifespan and is far more effective against preventing heat from penetrating through into the cores causing water logging and sagging in the centre of the cover.
The common problem of plastic flaking and becoming brittle after a couple of months is also not a concern with our covers and this means less problems for you in the long run.
The density of our polystyrene cores is substantially higher than the norm on the market.
Where it is common practice to use cores with a density of 14-15DV or less our cores have a 40% higher density compared to our competitors making our covers far more rigid at 21DV.
This drastically improves the overall strength of the inner core of the cover and makes a huge difference in preventing sagging due to gravity and rain water.
Our Spa cover cores are tapered from 100-55 to prevent rain water from pooling up on the cover and causing damage.
Extra care is taken when the cores are wrapped in the 250-micron vapour barrier sheeting to ensure no unsealed spaces are present where evaporated steam can penetrate into the spa cover causing it to become heavy and prone to damage by water weighing down the inner cores not to mention becoming almost impossible to lift off a Jacuzzi.

All of our Jacuzzi covers are manufactured from a choice of either marine grade vinyl or heavy duty 700gm premium grade PVC material.
The main difference here is once again in the quality of the materials used where the market has over the past few years become accustomed to being supplied with lower grade imitation leatherette that easily retains moisture and if left outside in the sun for three months would fade, crack tear and soon thereafter start disintegrating.
‍Even though marine quality vinyl is more expensive it is well worth the investment as it is resistant to water seeping into the Jacuzzi cover through the thicker material,
it has a vastly improved life expectancy and can even be used outdoors!  
We can recommend either the use of heavy duty PVC or marine vinyl for outdoor Jacuzzi covers as both these materials show excellent performance in outdoor conditions.
One of the aspects of marine vinyl is that is looks more classy and luxurious than your standard material finishes and with a decent selection of colour choices it can create a truly aesthetically pleasing finish to any Jacuzzi or spa installation and will complement the surroundings of any environment.
‍Our heavy duty 5gm premium grade PVC material finishes remains the material of choice for harsh outdoor environments where your spa has to be protected from the rain and damaging ultraviolet rays which can crack a spa tub without sufficient protection.
Our Premium grade PVC material range is waterproof, UV and fade resistant.
We also have wide range of colours to choose from here to suit any kind of application from light beige or white or dark brown, grey and black.
Where your Jacuzzi or spa has some shade or covering from above you can safely consider the marine grade vinyl as a suitable option. For spas that get direct sunlight all day a lighter coloured PVC finish would be the longest lasting option for a new cover.

One of the main problems experienced with spa and Jacuzzi covers is that they easily sag in the middle as a result of inadequate centre support.
All of our spa covers have heavy duty, galvanised steel C-channel centre beams to provide the optimum level of support without weighing the cover down.
This C-channel support gives our Jacuzzi covers a strong backbone and doesn't bend, break or rot overtime such as cheap plastic or wooden centre supports or in some cases no support beams at all.
We not only take into account the main factors which make a massive difference in the overall durability and longevity of our Jacuzzi and spa covers but also the other aspects commonly overlooked such as the implementation of reinforced handles to prevent breaks and tears.
We only the use the highest quality threading available and all of our spa covers are double stitched. We even take care of the finer details such as our rust proof industrial strength zip and zip sliders.
Quality control is of top priority and each spa or Jacuzzi cover is fully inspected and double checked to ensure a product that can proudly bear the Exclusive stamp of approval.
We see to it that each individual customer's needs are taken care of as if they were our own providing a level of service unrivalled in our industry today. When all of these factors are taken into account it is easy to understand why our covers truly are South Africa's finest. We invite you to experience the real difference between an ordinary spa cover and an Exclusive Jacuzzi or Spa Cover.

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With over 20 years experience in the industry we guarantee only the best in quality products and individualized customer service addressing each client's individual requirements on a personal and professional level.
Browse around and have a look at what we have on offer, you are also welcome to
contact us here for more advice, information and assistance.
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